Too Important to Ever Forget

“The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Galatians 5:22-23a

Personal Stories to Motivate the Pursuit of Fruit

Stories which can be experienced separately or as a group in a 10-day devotional  

Before electronic devices reminded us of important details, small strings were tied loosely on fingers to remind the wearer of something so important it merited a special reminder. Go old school. Use a set of 10 strings, different colors, and let them remind you of the great gift that comes from living a life deep within the Holy Spirit.

For each of the nine Fruits, there is a story not meant to define the Fruit, but create an atmosphere for creatively considering the Fruit. After reading each story, tie a string loosely on your finger to constantly remind you of the power that Fruit can have in your life. Allow the string to remind you to offer a breath prayer. (A breath prayer is a brief prayer offered repeatedly, whose repetition has the potential to redirect, re-energize and re-prioritize one’s perspective.) This Spiritual Discipline is “ripe” with blessings for the 10 days to follow.

Each string will be an outward sign of an inward focus on your part to live differently: to be driven by, led by, and consumed by the grace that comes from God when faithful people pursue a life immersed in the Holy Spirit.

      1      Love                    why do we fall in love?  

2      Joy                       special delivery                    

      3      Peace                  what’re you afraid of?                

      4      Patience              driving lessons       

      5      Kindness             love languages               

      6      Goodness             private devotion                 

      7      Gentleness          merry-go-round          

      8      Faithfulness         Holy Land trip                         

      9      Self-control          vomit diary                               

     10      Holiness              sanctification                               


Add a different string every time you participate in this Fruitful journey. After the nine Biblical Fruits have been lifted up, use the tenth day, (10 fingers with strings,) to accept the challenge of living a holy life. If you can withstand the public display, it will likely bring many opportunities to share your journey with curious witnesses. If, (or when) this happens, the Fruit pursuit is evangelistically shared.

In the opening welcome and introduction to this website, I shared the Scripture that inspired this online adventure, I Tim 6:20. This text is also the origination of the name; “Sacred Chatter.” However, my intent is not to be a singular voice. I invite your voice to be a part of the “chat” and I base this on another of my favorite Scriptures: Hebrews 10:24. “And let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds.” I am considering how I can provoke love and good deeds in places beyond where I live. This is my attempt to enter into a Hebrews 10 conversation with you over social media.digitally. Now, I am interested in your feedback. Consider what provoking you can provide with your own Sacred Chatter.

What’s important to you? What really matters?

Add your voice in Sacred Chatter.

Love is ours to provoke. Good deeds are ours to sew.

That the wisdom of Hebrews 10 may flourish and grow.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they’re potential mediums for the Hebrews 10 plan.

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